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Countdown to ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023

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August 17, 2023

With only 50 days remaining to go for the biggest and most eagerly anticipated ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the prestigious trophy was proudly displayed at the enchanting Taj Mahal in Agra, India.

The gleaming silverware, set to be the ultimate prize when the tournament gets underway from 5 October to 19 November, radiated under the sun against the magnificent backdrop of the Taj Mahal—a true Wonder of the World. This recent visit to the Taj Mahal symbolized a harmonious blend of India’s rich cultural heritage and the pinnacle of cricket, offering an exquisite spectacle for fans as the tournament’s excitement continues to build.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 Trophy Tour aims to capture the festive and celebratory spirit associated with Cricket World Cups, presenting a series of grand events at some of the world’s most iconic destinations.

Registration for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup tickets can be accessed here https://www.cricketworldcup.com/register. Fans are encouraged to register for tickets which would enable them to receive on sale news first, ahead of tickets going on sale on 25 August.