Creation of Knowledge Needed for Acceptance of Naturopathy, says Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra

The integration of research, innovation, skill development and entrepreneurship in naturopathy could only lead to the acceptance of the traditional knowledge of natural treatment, said Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Chancellor of Shobhit University.
He was inaugurating the three-day national meet of naturopaths and proponent “Nature Life National Sammelan 2018′ organied by Gandhi Smarak Prakratik Chitkitsa Samithi (GSPCS), Rajghat, Delhi and Nature Life International, Kochi, Kerala, here on Friday.
Shekhar Vijendra pointed out that the knowledge in traditional medicine are still limited to what is given by our forefathers.
“There is no creation of knowledge in this sector and it should change. When we share our experience in the traditional medicine integration will happen”, he said
Nobel Prize for traditional medicine was given to a Chinese national which proves that the scientific community had accepted this sector. Now we have to do extraordinary things to make naturopathy accepted by everyone.
Shekhar Vijendra hoped that the conference like Nature Life National Sammelan will change the attitude of the people in traditional medicine. Already Niti Ayog had allotted fund for research in naturopathy at various colleges, he said.
According to Vijendra, grants should be given to individuals and organisations who have proved their efficiency in naturopathy. He also promised to take all efforts to ensure that a naturopathy college will be established in Kerala.
Lakshmidas Bhai, chairman, GSPCS, presided over the function. Dr Arun Sharma, director, International School of Mahayoga and Natural Hygiene, delivered the keynote address.
The meet attended by more than 500 leading naturopathy experts and traditional medicine practitioners from India will focus on the paradigm shifts in modern medical practices and treatment, the relevance of naturopathy and alternative medicine.
Experts and eminent personalities including Gandhiji’s great-grandson and diabetologist Dr Anand Gokani, Swami Agnivesh, Dr M Taneja, Dr M Bapuji, Dr Krishna Rao, Dr Sajeevan, Dr Navdeep Joshi, Dr Jagdish Gajjar and Dr M P Mathai, will address the meet.


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