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‘CRITICON’ Discusses Best Practices in Critical Care Medicine

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May 07, 2024

‘CRITICON’, the international conference, delved into world-class practices in critical care medicine. More than 100 health experts from across the world participated in the conference organized by KIMSHEALTH Trivandrum. Dr. M.I Sahadulla, Chairman, and Managing Director, KIMSHEALTH, inaugurated the conference in the presence of Dr. J.L. Vincent, a world-renowned Professor of Intensive Care, University of Brussels. CRITICON was organized as a platform to discuss various topics related to critical care medicine with leading health professionals from around the world.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Sahadulla stated that the past two decades have witnessed tremendous changes in the field of critical care medicine in the country, especially in the private sector. With the development of technology, the care given to critically ill patients has undergone drastic changes. Dr. Sahadulla also stressed the need to have public-private participation in the field of healthcare so that the common man can have access to these facilities.

Dr. J.L. Vincent, while offering felicitations, spoke about the evolution and transformation of intensive care, emphasizing the need to make ICUs patient-friendly. He also visited the Department of Critical Care Medicine, KIMSHEALTH, and took part in the rounds along with the doctors of the department.

The conference, organized into eight sessions, concluded with a panel discussion. The gathering was welcomed by Dr. Deepak V, Director, and Head, Critical Care Medicine, and Dr. Ajmal Abdul Kharim, Associate Consultant, Department of Critical Care, proposed the Vote of Thanks. Dr. P.M. Saffia, Vice Dean, Academics, and Senior Consultant in Plastic and Reconstructive Microvascular Surgery, also spoke at the function. KIMSHEALTH plans to make such interactions regular to improve its healthcare delivery.