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Culinary B-school KCCA Offers a Degree Programme Aimed at Sparking Entrepreneurship

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August 05, 2021

Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts (KCCA) has designed a 3 – year degree programme – the BVoc Culinary Management Programme which brings together expertise in the field of culinary arts and management education into a single programme. It is affiliated to Goa University.

Created for aspirants in culinary entrepreneurship and management, the three-year degree programme designed by Culinary B-school, KCCA features in-depth industry knowledge and skill sets, business education and advanced food production.

The on-campus degree programme is endorsed by the Goa University and the Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council. KCCA has recently forged a collaboration with the country’s leading Business School Goa Institute of Management (GIM) to create a culinary business incubation programme.

Students who have passed their Class 12 exams, with English as one of the subjects are eligible for the programme.

“KCCA is not just a culinary school. It is a culinary B-school aimed at not only teaching students about food and culinary techniques. Its curriculum is shaped towards sparking the spirit of entrepreneurship among students,” says Parixit Pai Fondekar, Chairman, KCCA.

He adds, “We understand the uncertainty of the years to come, and our job is to prepare students to deal with the challenges, explore the opportunities, even create niche segments of their own. At KCCA, we give students the tools to build their own future in what is now and will continue to be a highly competitive industry. Our focus is on training leaders of tomorrow, to develop their business acumen, foresight and confidence in themselves so that every decision for the venture they manage is based on a rooted foundation.”

KCCA offers its students an exciting opportunity for a year-long internship in the US that promises an exchange of culture and ideas while receiving in-depth culinary training at some of the best hotels and resorts across the United States.

The cutting-edge programme is not about fulfilling the gaps in the industry, but about taking students forward to be trend-setters in their own right.