CUSAT Research Team Develops Device to Generate Power from Human Movements

Researchers attached to the Inter University Center for Nano Materials and Devices(IUCND), CUSAT
Nanotechnology Center have developed conducting polymer tribo electric nano generators that can generate static electricity from human movements at a very low cost.

More than 100 LED lights were lighted, calculators and digital watches were worked and a Smartphone was charged using the electricity made from nano generators. In addition, individual vibrations were recorded as electric pulses during and after the movement of various parts of the body during walking.

Head of Polymer Science and Rubber Technology Department and Director of IUCND Dr Honey John led the research team with Dr Saji K J, Assistant Professor, International School of Photonics Dr N Manoj, Professor, Applied Chemistry Department, Dr M K Jayaraj, HoD and Professor of Physics Department, research students Divya Jose (Polymer Science),Vijay K V (Photonics) and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Jelmi E J. The system is capable of producing enough energy for the regular function of wearable devices, medical research sensors used inside the body.

The Centre’s future research plan is to develop nano-generators for making low-cost devices like sensors and transistors which can be operated with lesser amount of electricity. The team’s assessment is that the system is effective for the creation of a security sensor, for pulse detection, and for various therapeutic interventions related to the health sector.

Three patents have been filed in connection with this research. The research team is in the process of launching a start-up venture for the development and production of this technology-based equipment associated to CUSAT Technology Business Incubator under CUSAT TECH, a company registered by the
by Cochin University under Company Act of 1930.

The Vice Chancellor Dr K.N. Madhusoodanan is with the research team with full support and co-operation. The Government of Kerala has set up this inter-university research centre called CUSAT Inter University Centre for Nano Materials and Devices to provide the most advanced physical environment for research and development in the field of nanotechnology and to provide a platform for collaborative research involving academia and industry.


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