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Cyber Security Workshop Held at Cyberpark

In Kozhikode
October 30, 2021

Kerala Police Cyberdome Kozhikode has organised cyber security seminar and workshop on Saturday at Govt. Cyberpark as part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month October 2021 campaign.

The workshop on web application security and practical approach to Android pen testing was held with the support of E Hackify Academy and Redteam Hacker Academy. Delegates from reputed institutions and cyber security enthusiasts were participated. The conference was meant to inspire, educate and energise all to create a safe arena in the cyberspace. North Zone IG, Ashok Yadav, Kozhikode City Police Commissioner A V George, Deputy Commissioner Swapin M Mahajan, representatives of Govt. Cyberpark and Calicut Forum For IT were also took part in the one day event.

Cyberdome Kozhikode had also conducted many online Cybersecurity awareness classes at various Govt Institutions, Colleges and schools especially including students and parents. According to Cyberdome, dependency on the internet due to the Covid outbreak has led to a spike in cybercrimes in Kerala.