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Deliveroo Launches new Engineering Centre in India

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March 10, 2022

Deliveroo, a global food delivery company operating across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, today announced the launch of its India Engineering Centre in Hyderabad.

Deliveroo’s multi-year plan is to expand its world-class engineering capabilities with a new team that will be focused on delivering superior experiences for Deliveroo customers, restaurant and grocery partners and delivery riders, and building highly scalable, reliable and innovative next-generation products for its worldwide operations.

The Engineering Centre in Hyderabad will be a core part of Deliveroo’s central technology organisation. The company has already started recruiting and plans to employ over 150 engineers in India from the fields of analytics, platforms, automation and machine learning by the end of 2022. The Engineering Centre will be Deliveroo’s largest technology hub outside the United Kingdom, where the company is headquartered.

Engineering team
Deliveroo operates a three-sided marketplace made up of consumers, restaurants and grocers, and delivery riders to bring people food and groceries in as little as 20 minutes. Deliveroo’s service is underpinned by pioneering logistics technology based on intelligent machine learning. The launch of the India Engineering Centre provides unparalleled opportunities for engineers to solve cutting edge business problems as Deliveroo scales and enhances its offering.

India is home to many hugely talented engineers and tech professionals. The teams of engineers at the Centre will work on expediting software engineering and development across the fields of mobile apps, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Data Analytics. More specifically they will initially focus on projects including, but not limited to:
● Developing new application services to accelerate Deliveroo’s fast-growing grocery segment
● Ensuring a best-in-class rider proposition and improve network efficiency
● Delivering enhanced, scalable automation systems
● Ensuring seamless, fast consumer experiences

Will Shu, Deliveroo CEO and Founder, said: “Deliveroo is growing rapidly with an ambitious vision to become the definitive global online food platform. Opening up a new engineering hub in India will extend our global team of incredible engineering talent. The Centre will help us to continue to unlock new innovations for each side of our marketplace, developing a world-leading service for consumers, restaurants and grocers, and riders. This is an exciting development for Deliveroo and I look forward to working with our new colleagues in India.”

Deliveroo has hired Sashi Somavarapu as Vice President of Engineering, who will head the India Engineering Centre. He has led teams in the world’s most technologically advanced organisations, including Amazon, Jio Platforms and Ford Motor. He will be reporting to Devesh Mishra, who joined Deliveroo in 2021 as its Chief Product and Technology Officer. Prior to joining Deliveroo, Devesh was Vice President, Global Supply Chain at Amazon, overseeing a team of thousands of engineers, data scientists and product managers, operating a supply chain spanning 185 markets. In this role Devesh built the world’s most technologically advanced supply chain, using data analytics, predictive technology and machine learning to scale Amazon retail and marketplace business.

Devesh Mishra, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Deliveroo, said: “Some of the world’s leading tech talent is based in India, which is why we are so excited to start recruiting in Hyderabad. We know in India there are engineers able to tackle some of the most challenging problems in tech, to innovate in a fast-paced environment and to combine experience and expertise with an entrepreneurial mindset. The work we do in India will have a global impact, helping Deliveroo to scale while being at the forefront of change in its sector.This is a massive opportunity for software engineers, data scientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers to work on some of the toughest challenges in engineering.”

To foster meaningful integration between the UK and India-based tech teams, Deliveroo will enable its UK technology team members to spend time in India to help with onboarding and knowledge-sharing.