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Delivery Service Startup Errando to Expand in South India

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September 21, 2021

The first hyper local delivery startup in Kerala, Errando, (https://errando.co.in/) which provides B2B service to entrepreneurs who do not have their own delivery system, e- commerce businesses, delivery of commodities from the establishments of the choice of the customers or residences and bill payments, will expand its operations to six more cities in South India.

Errando will expand its operations in six cities of South India by the beginning of next year. The delivery vehicles of Errando will offer services in Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Mangaluru and Thrissur. With the expansion, around 100 more job opportunities will be created.

Shameer Pathayakandi, co-founder of the company said, that the expansion is the first phase of ensuring the service of Errando in almost all parts of the country. Errando is functioning as a B2B service provider to entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses who do not have their own delivery system.

The expansion will strengthen the presence of Errando in South India. Errando now operates in Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kozhikode and Bangalore cities and partners with several major brands including Abad Group and Daily Fish.

Apart from the B2B delivery network, home delivery of commodities from shops or offices, forgotten items from home, purchase of medicines and bill payments are also undertaken by the delivery team. The delivery service can be availed through WhatsApp and mobile application. Around 2,000 customers are using the service of Errando daily and it was 3,000 during the lockdown period.

In 2016 the startup, Food of Touch, started by Shameer and friends delivering food from restaurants. Later the company was rebranded to Errando in 2018 and operated in three cities of Kerala and last year in Bangalore. Errando gained the confidence of the customers, when the company was able to provide the service needed for them. The feedback of the customers, their demands were included in one app and this made the service of the company a great success, Shameer Pathayakandi said.

Errando has previously received funding from Baby Memorial Hospital director and Angel Investor Vineeth Abraham and Amana Toyota director Abdul Jabbar. Errando will strengthen its presence in B2B delivery sector with the expansion.