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Electric Vehicle Owners Association Kerala Launches EV Fast Charging Stations

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May 29, 2023

The annual conference of Electric Vehicle Owners Association Kerala (EVOK), the state association for electric vehicle owners was inaugurated P. Rajeev, Minister for Law, Industries and Coir at the Ashis Convention Center, Kalamassery

“Special zones will be opened in the state for e-vehicle businesses. The government aims to facilitate various electric vehicle-related industries, such as battery production and technology development, to operate in dedicated zones. It is also emphasized that the government provides encouragement for the establishment of more electric vehicle fast charging stations in the state under the leadership of KSEB and other private companies”, stated Minister P. Rajeev.

Hibi Eden, MP Ernakulum launched the 30 fast charging stations and the charging mobile application EVOK is going to set up at various places in Kerala. MP Hibi Eden commended EVOK’s initiatives in Kerala, stating that they serve as a model for the country in promoting the use of electric vehicles.

EVOK has partnered with ChargeMod, a pioneering EV charging Station startup from Kerala, for the installation of fast charging stations and the development of a mobile application. This collaboration aims to ensure convenient utilization of the fast charging stations and enhance the overall electric vehicle experience.

EVOK plays a crucial role in providing guidelines and recommendations for implementing awareness campaigns and problem-free practices in promoting the use of electric vehicles. The organization’s primary objective is to encourage the adoption of alternative energy sources across the country and support various initiatives undertaken by different agencies to facilitate this transition.

In its first phase, EVOK is establishing 30 fast charging stations throughout Kerala to promote the use of electric vehicles and develop basic infrastructure facilities. The organization has set a target of increasing this number to 100 in the current financial year. Furthermore, EVOK is actively involved in initiatives such as increasing the utilization of solar energy in households, charging electric vehicles with solar power, and promoting other environmentally-friendly activities.

Various seminars and exhibitions related to the stable energy sector, involving experts, were held as part of the conference. State President Anchal Rejimon, Secretary Dr. Rajasenan Nair, Treasurer M.I. Vishwanathan, Chief Executive Officer of ChargeMod, Ramanunni, and participants including those who started electric vehicle initiatives in the state attended the conference.