End your Year with these Banging Makeup Trends!

Whether it is trying out new skin care routines or make-up looks fresh off the international runway, jumping on the bandwagon of the newest trends keeps us going. The no-make-up makeup is here to stay, yes. But there is a whole list of trendsetters out there who made our 2021 feel inspired with some killer looks. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you might have tried a few of these. Just in case you haven’t, this is the ultimate roundup of trends that you need to get going.

  1. Y2K Fever: Y2K (also known as Kaybug) is an aesthetic that was prevalent in popular culture from roughly 1995 to 2004. Now, it has come back with a modern spin with frosty eye- shadows, ombré lips, and butterfly clips of yore. It has made such a big impact amongst beauty enthusiasts on social media that we can’t help but hop on this trend ourselves this winter.

Moj creator Joyita Dey describes this trend as a stylistic trend covering the late ’90s and early-to- mid 2000s styles. “Anyone representing the Y2K aesthetic generally has a marginally retro edge, however with an advanced touch. When I think of it I imagine gleaming fabrics, chunky stylish tennis shoes, creased skirts, roll bags, wide-leg pants, and colourful shades. Even though I am not a huge fan of all the key aspects of Y2K fashion, I have incorporated a few pieces inspired by this trend into my wardrobe this year. I personally love the velour track sets, mini skirts, tie front tops & baguette bags. Not a fan of low rise denims or baby doll tees. I have taken my favs & styled them in my quintessential aesthetics.”

  1. Burst of Colours: You must have seen makeup gurus and celebrities experiment with ‘pop colours and dot’ looks motivating us to bring the Picasso in us alive. This works especially well in winters to add a little bit of oomph as we bundle up in our trenches and turtlenecks. If you’ve not picked up your brush yet, please do and get exploring because this is a trend which completely changes the definition of your facial features and who doesn’t enjoy a little colour every now and then? Here’s a stunning look you should check out by Faby faby_makeupartitst on MOJ 
  2. Face embellishments: Who knew we would take ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ to a whole new level? With pastels and ombrés, 2021 has also brought us make-up embellishments in the form of stones and glitter. These uber cool looks have led to a flurry of product introductions in this space that lets one paste rhinestones on different parts of one’s face/neck or over the eye that are sure to capture attention (and maybe hearts).

Moj makeup Influencer Lipika Biswas’s opinion on this “So true, indeed! It’s really fun to experiment new ways to enhance looks and make it more interesting and even nice that the audience has been so adaptive and accepting about using these new advances in makeup. As for me, I love experimenting with different makeup looks and I think using bindis or other gems or embellishments on the face or neck is like stepping up and raising the bar even in terms of creativity. I totally believe that creativity has no limits because imagination has no boundaries and this is proof!”

  1. The Sci-Fi Metallic Look: It has been a tough year for all of us and our imaginations have run wild and far. Well, we are not sure if Area 41 is real or not but this trend surely is. If you follow influencer Rowi Singh, you know exactly what I mean. Dazed and glammed is surely the way ahead; and of course we saw it coming when highlighters became the new blush and bronzers became a must have. We saw a variety of products in metallic formats with eye-shadows, nail varnish and lipsticks. Check out this cool look for inspiration: Sathi Adhikary on Moj

This was just our quick list for your next makeup inspo. Make the most of December with your creative version of these trends, why don’t you!


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