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EuroKids Celebrates International Day of Yoga

In Education
June 24, 2023

In a bid to cultivate a healthy lifestyle among children and spread the significance of practicing yoga right from a young age, EuroKids, India’s most trusted preschool network, marked the International Day of Yoga across its centres in the country on June 21. Toddlers enrolled at the preschool’s centres across India performed a variety of yoga poses with enthusiasm, making the country-wide event a huge success. Over 9,700 toddlers from the West and North regions, and 10,000+ children from the South region, joined forces to embrace the practice of yoga. The event also witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 726 dedicated teachers from EuroKids centres nationwide.

The yoga activities undertaken by various EuroKids centres for International Yoga Day ensured that every child could experience the transformative power of yoga. The instructors guided the children through age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques, making the sessions engaging, interactive, and enjoyable.

International Day of Yoga, celebrated worldwide since 2015, serves as an opportunity to foster mindfulness, flexibility, and resilience among children. Yoga helps children develop essential skills such as focus, concentration, self-awareness, and mindfulness. With research pointing to a significant development in a child’s brain within the first five years, EuroKids’ preschool programme focuses on inculcating life skills and social engagements and enhancing creativity among children.

Through its ‘Child First’ ideology, EuroKids seamlessly incorporates the essence of yoga through its structured and mindful curriculum, EUNOIA, allowing holistic development of a Child’s Mind, Body, and Soul. In line with this, EuroKids has also incorporated YOGAKIDS into its curriculum to help children use their bodies through breathing, awareness, meditation, and healthy movements. This aims to help toddlers build concentration, increase their confidence, and develop a positive self-image.

Commenting on the International Day of Yoga celebrations across preschools, KVS Seshasai, CEO of the Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning, said, “We at EuroKids constantly strive to provide comprehensive learning opportunities and enriching experiences for children. International Day of Yoga is a perfect opportunity for children to embrace mindfulness, flexibility, and resilience. Through nationwide celebrations, we aim to empower young minds with the transformative power of yoga and instill a lifelong love for physical and mental well-being. As a leading preschool education brand, we remain committed to nurturing a generation by prioritising their holistic development.”

Amita Mahajan, Centre Head, EuroKids Bavdhan, Pune, added, “We witnessed enthusiastic participation as our young learners explored the diverse aspects of yoga during our celebration. The children actively engaged in learning about different yoga poses, and their eagerness to absorb, learn and perform various asanas was truly inspiring. The event was a resounding success, creating a vibrant celebration and appreciation for yoga among little ones.”

Through such activities, EuroKids aims to nurture the country’s children and provide them with a strong foundation for a successful future. The brand also continues to exemplify its dedication to excellence in early childhood education.