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Experience the Magic of Children’s Day at Wonderla

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November 13, 2023

This Children’s Day, Wonderla is all set to spread smiles, laughter, and joy to the young hearts of our nation. In a heart-warming gesture of giving back to the community, Wonderla is extending a heartfelt invitation to 600 underprivileged children, offering them a day of wonder and excitement at its parks. Across Bangalore, Kochi, and Hyderabad, 200 kids will be hosted at each location. This initiative reflects Wonderla’s dedication to making a positive impact, aiming to craft a day that will stay etched in the memories of these young minds.

To ensure this day becomes truly unforgettable, Wonderla is offering these 600 children free entry to the park, along with complimentary meals and more. The kids will have the opportunity to explore the thrilling rides, enjoy delicious food, and take part in a wide range of on-ground activities and competitions designed especially for them. From exciting games to creative workshops, it’s going to be a day filled with fun and excitement.

But the Children’s Day celebration at Wonderla doesn’t stop there. In the spirit of inclusivity, we are extending an exceptional offer for adults accompanying the young visitors. On this special occasion, adults can enter the park at the children’s rate on 14 th November, making it an affordable and unforgettable day for the entire family. To avail this offer, guests have to book their tickets online via Wonderla ticketing platform.

Arun K. Chittilappilly, Managing Director of Wonderla Holidays Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm about this heart-warming initiative: “At Wonderla, we believe in the importance of nurturing the joy and innocence of childhood. It brings us immense pleasure to be able to give back to our community by hosting these young champions on Children’s Day. We aim to create unforgettable memories for them and their families. We look forward to a day filled with laughter, fun, and boundless joy.”