Extreme Events will Increase Manifold Soon: Dr M. Ravichandran

Extreme weather events are going to increase manifold in the near future, said Dr Ravichandran, Secretary MoES & DST. He was speaking at the inauguration of the international symposium on tropical meteorology (INTROMET-2021) at CUSAT.

The unprecedented warming of the Indian Ocean creates an increase in Ocean Acidity, Sea Ice melting, extremely severe cyclones, heat/cold waves, coastal erosion, decay of marine ecosystem etc. The monsoon prediction is expected to be more erratic. Improvements in earth observations and prediction models is necessary – he said. The INTROMET-2021 conference is held at a juncture when the whole world is facing a life-threatening shift in climate – said Prof. K.N. Madhusoodanan, Vice Chancellor, CUSAT. He was delivering a special speech on the occasion.

The whole southern peninsular region is under the threat of a changing climate pattern- said Dr. M. Rajeevan, Former Secretary MoES in his plenary talk. Extreme rainfall events are becoming frequent in the north-east monsoon season. The unprecedented warming of the Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea has been responsible for the extended monsoon and post-monsoon season – he said.

The climate needs to be studied in an integrated way – said Dr M. Mohapatra, DG, IMD. He was delivering the presidential address. Climate change poses a real threat to life and property. He pointed out that India improved in predicting the accuracy of both the track and intensity of cyclones – he said.

Dr M Ravichandran released the abstract volume and souvenir of INTROMET 2021. Prof. K Mohankumar, Chairman, LOC, INTERMET- 2021 and Dr S Abhilash, Secretary, LOC, INTERMET- 2021 also spoke.


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