False Propaganda will not Affect the Church: Orthodox Church

The propaganda that Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is encroaching Churches under the guise of Supreme Court’s verdict is baseless, said Metropolitan Yuhanon Mar Dioscoros.

Addressing a press conference in Kochi the metropolitan clarified that all that Orthodox Church initiated are steps to only reinstate administration according to the bylaw of 1934.

”Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is of the stand that churches should be administered as per the system followed between 1958 to 1972. The patriarch faction evicted the faithful and clergy from many churches. Cases filed then are now settled. The Court has found that the churches legally belong to the Orthodox faction. The Court has also clarified that the churches should be administered as per the bylaw of 1934”

These churches are not constructed by Patriarch faction alone. They were constructed before the dispute began. Churches should be administered by the constitution of 1958 accepted by all. The reason for the present issues is reluctance on the part of Patriarch to be under a systematic administration. They are against presenting account statements at the parish level and diocese level

Mor Diascoros denied the allegation that the Orthodox Church prevented funerals and sought undertaking stating change of faith for funerals.” We have not demanded any undertaking from anyone for funerals. Nobody asked to leave the church. Our efforts are to ensure a facility to worship together. Administrators may be elected as per the majority. In churches where Court order was executed such administrative councils have been elected, the Metropolitan pointed out. Orthodox Church stands for a litigation-free united church, he said.

The relevance of talks does not exist anymore. There has not been any step towards compromise from Patriarch faction in the discussions initiated in 1974. Discussions held under the mediation of Judges, Ministers, organizations like the YMCA did not fetch any positive results. Instead, the Patriarch faction used discussion as a means to delay the implementation of Court order. Therefore the Orthodox Church does not want to leave the chances of getting cheated in the name of discussion.

The patriarch faction recognizes all sacraments performed by priests of Orthodox Church, except the funeral. This is a drama to create conflict and thereby earn the sympathy of society.

Mor Diascoros said it was nothing but the lethargic attitude of the state government that is delaying the implementation of Court Order for two years. The enthusiasm government has shown to implement other court orders was not seen when it came to the Church dispute. The Supreme Court has endorsed the stand of the Orthodox Church that it was not a dispute related to faith but administrative. Yet, it is propagated as a faith-related dispute.

The Metropolitan alleged that police and government were supporting the trend of handling disputes with violence.” The government should initiate action against those spread fake news that the funeral of a Soldier was prevented at Piravom. Though the parish priest informed there was no obstacle for the funeral, the opposite faction did not accept it and refused to take the dead body to the church. Even the Supreme Court has upheld the stand of the Orthodox Church regarding funerals. Following this, the patriarch faction had withdrawn petitions seeking verification of Article 32. Orthodox faction pointed out, the allegation that the apex court dismissed contempt plea is not factual, the ruling was to hear the argument within seven days, that does not mean it has been dismissed.

Priest Trustee Fr, M O John, MOSC Association secretary Advocate Biju Oommen, Church spokesperson Fr Johns Abraham Konat were also present at the press conference.


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