Forca Goa Foundation Organizes Nutrition Workshops across Grassroot Centres

As part of the Forca Goa Foundation’s grassroots development program, various sessions and workshops to help develop children are often organised. One such workshop conducted recently was on nutrition organised by Sharvari Gude and Welllishia DeSafor from Qua Nutrition for parents and children enrolled in the programme.
At the workshops, interactive session were conducted with parents and children on various components that make up a healthy diet like proteins, carbs and minerals. Kids were also educated on what they should eat before and after training so that their body is primed to perform optimally. The nutritionists provides examples of easily accessible and local sources of carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals so that parents can provide their children with a balanced diet so that they can grow and compete at the highest level.
Workshops like these are vital because it will help parents to provide healthier food options for children and will help them develop into stronger athletes. Proper nutrition and awareness at the grassroots level is one of the key factors leading to better performance of athletes at the highest level.
The Foundation hopes that with the help of such programmes, children from their centres get the kind of nutrition they require to fully realise their potential.
Qua Nutrition, one of India’s best nutritionists partnered with Forca Goa Foundation for the workshops.


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