Free Covid Rehabilitation Plan by NuvoVivo

NuvoVivo provides free one month Covid Rehab plan for those who are recently affected by Covid. This program involves planning a suitable nutrition and exercise plan, facilitating faster recovery & rehab for those who are recently affected. Those who are looking for such support can sign up from any part of the world; the diet, home exercise videos, support etc will be provided through Whatsapp/emails.

Covid associated psychological and physical ailments due to hospitalisation, prolonged immobilization, bed rest etc can cause muscle weakness, shortness of breath, lack of energy, temporarily high blood sugar levels etc. The rehab plan provided by NuvoVivo is 100% online and can be done at home; the dietary and exercise support shall be provided online.

NuvoVivo is an online health & wellness company based in Kochi. They provide health management programs to manage or reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, fatty liver, PCOD, hypertension etc. Clients from across the globe- mainly gulf countries, US, Canada & UK and from tier 1 & 2 cities in India are availing their 3 months consultation services for lifestyle management and reversing various medical conditions. As the covid numbers have increased dramatically, they have come forward to provide 1-month free rehab plans for those who may need this assistance. They have already received over 100+ registrations from Mumbai, Bangalore and Kochi. Those who are interested to avail this service, send a Whatsapp message at +91-7994999735 or register at


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