A Free Job Portal with the List of Employment Opportunities will be Opened: Kamal Haasan

A free job portal with the list of employment opportunities will be opened on the behalf of the Government. Students can apply based on their interest, said Makkal Needi Maiam president Kamal Haasan.

During the public meeting at Puducherry in connection with the election campaign, he said that the Government must do it. MNCs who will utilise the resources of Tamil Nadu properly must be brought to the state. Collateral free loans will be granted to entrepreneurs. Our Government will encourage housewives to work from home.

I respect Puducherry for extending the life span of Subramanya Bharathiyar. I spent some time here researching for the Bharathiyar movie, it was only a week long but it was unforgettable.

There are always figures of three in history, in mythology, in Puducherry there are three Swamys (Gods) but all three play the role of the destroyer, he said.

You know it not by knowledge but by experience. Then there is also a Sami that says do the puja in my name!

Puducherry is very much a part of Tamil Nadu according to me. It is a unique part of Tamil Nadu. It deserves to be recognized as a state, he said.

I will tell you 3 stories. First Story: Hungry Stork. During summer season, a Stork said to the fishes living in a drying pond, let me transport you to a pond with lot of water. It ate all the fishes that trusted it. After the fish population was over, it tried its trick with a crab. The crab was cleaver and it caught hold of the neck of the stork.

We are crabs of Tamil Nadu politics. May the Storks of Tamil Nadu not take offence. I respect the birds a lot, this was just an analogy. April 18th is the day for you to catch hold of the Stork. Don’t miss the opportunity, vote for the right party. They are accusing us of favouring the educated, unlike them we don’t have favourites based on their caste.

Second Story: The Bed Ridden TN:The story of a women from Mannargudi – this isn’t a story about a Mafia, it’s of a poor woman.

She was bedridden for the past four years, when Makkal Needhi Maiam members went for Gaja Relief work and gave her 10,000 Rupees. Her medical condition has improved, she is able to stand up now, we will ensure she returns back to normal. If you give us the power, we will ensure the bed ridden Tamil Nadu will return to its former glory. Your vote has the power to uplift Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Third Story: Our Critics: A bunch of youngsters who were working under a tough unreasonable boss resorted to cutting a lot of trees as a way of anger relief. A saint who saw this said, ‘You are 200, your boss is just 1 person, you can easily take care of him.’ Today’s youngsters are expressing their anger on Twitter.

That was the accusation against me too. They said I only raise my voice on Twitter. Within three months I joined politics. Then they said nobody in villages know about MNM, so we went to all the rural places of Tamil Nadu. Our critics give us the best ideas.

We are here to take them out of their chair. Each horse needs the correct jockey. It is not me, it is us. People rule in Makkal Needhi Maiam. They asked about our policies, political manifesto, we have a manifesto for Puducherry as well, Dr MAS Subramaniam made it with the inputs of so many experts.

Ours isn’t a far-fetched manifesto, we have had inputs from IAS officers, IPS officers, doctors, lawyers and many more experts who are thinking in the favour of the people of the state.

They question how we will give 50 lakh jobs. It is broken down in so many verticals, blue collared, white collared, self-employment, jobs that can be done from home and so much more. That is how we landed in the figure of 50 lakhs. We will develop the skills of the people, even school drop outs like me can be employable if they develop their skills.

Parents shouldn’t decide a career for their children and force it on them. I decided to become an artist at the age of 13, this Kamal Haasan in front of you owes it to his parents for encouraging him to be in the field of passion. I wanted to learn dance, they let me. The school called K Balachandar was where my skills were developed, this story must happen in everyone’s life.

A girl who draws well can become a designer, a talkative girl can be a HR executive, a person who loves food can run a catering service. ur Government will encourage housewives to work from home. We have formulated special policies for farmers, we will make agriculture profitable again. We have policies for differently abled, transgender and so much more.

We have an entire book, don’t ask us for the policies. Take a leaf from Ashoka’s book, if I build a pond in every village, we will generate thousands of jobs. The law abolishing Manual scavenging has not been implemented, nobody talks about it in their manifesto except us.

They ask what good will MNM do! Why should we vote for MNM? Did the other Governments do good to people? We will, if they stop looting we can easily run two Tamil Nadus. You give me the confidence that we can bring the change. My Executive Committee members are eager to be a part of change.

Guruvaiah sir is so angry, we have told him let’s channelize it through our work. Maurya sir will get rid of all the rowdies overnight, we have asked him to show it after coming to power. This election isn’t about choosing your Prime Minister, it is about being the voice of Tamil Nadu in the Parliament. I have candidates who are running a cancer institute without the help of the government.

Those are the people who should be elected. The vote you cast this time will change your future, it has changed mine. The anger that I have against the Government has made my job take a backseat and join politics. The rest of my life is for you. I apologize for being late. I’m not the Swamy with a ‘hundial’… I’m a human. I keep acting in movies because I need money. So does Dr MAS Subramaniam, we are leading a hand to mouth existence.

We are vigil, we are alone. The fate of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry is in your hand. Manifesto – History of Puducherry politics is already there, you know about it, let’s move on. State recognition – Puducherry must be declared a state. Equalised growth. Good governance, Good relationship with the Governor. Good financial management, we will submit the budget in March. Improve taxes through efficient systems, and so much more.

If you have criticism about the manifesto, tell Dr Subramaniam, we will consider it, and implement it. We will improve tourism and the cityscape. We should change it, he will change it. That is why I support him.

For the financial crisis of Puducherry to come to an end, we need proper taxing system, proper authorities to take care of black money, and we must bring new industries here. We will emphasis to the cengttral government for the Lokpal Act to be passed.

We will demand 70 per cent rebates from the government. Rodeo mills and other industries should be reopened. Those in power can never do all this because they never did it when they had the power. But Makkal Needhi Maiam will do it. Dr Subramaniam will spearhead the campaign, he added.



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