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German Visit Enables 6 KSUM Startups to Boost Tie-up Prospects

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September 05, 2023

Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) has enabled firms incubating under it to tie up with corporate houses in Germany by facilitating six high-potential nascent companies from the state to visit the central European country.

Infusory Future Tech Labs, PlaySpots, SKEWBIRD Technologies, Fuselage Innovations, Tranquility IoT & Big Data Solutions and TOSIL Systems completed a strategic tour across key cities in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), pitching their transformative ideas to potential investors, partners and customers. Carried out as part of an exchange program, the firms visited NRW cities that included Krefeld, Essen, Dortmund, Solingen and Düsseldorf.

The visiting startups showcased their products at a global Digital Demo Day event as well, yielding fruitful interactions with prominent stakeholders in NRW and the European innovation ecosystem. Also hosted was a pioneering “matchmaking” session at Solingen, leading to promising discussions and potential partnerships.

“The meetings have opened up avenues for meaningful collaborations and investments,” KSUM Chief Executive Officer Anoop Ambika said. “They will boost the collaborative endeavours of the startups and pave the way for a wider as well as deeper reach with industry ecosystems abroad.”

The entrepreneurial delegation’s visit in August was held as part of the German Indian Startup Exchange Program (GINSEP), besides NRW Global Business and The Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf.

Overall, the startups participated in 16 impactful online capacity-building sessions, effectively enhancing their global readiness. Prior to the delegation, they held several online strategic consultations with GINSEP and NRW Global Business, setting the groundwork for a successful visit. The startups not only represented the ‘India Pavilion’ at the Demo Day, but also engaged in a series of high-level meetings in Düsseldorf with industry leaders and corporations.

KSUM is Kerala government’s nodal agency established in 2006 for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the state.