GIM’s Part Time PGDM-PT (Executive MBA) Programme

It’s not only fresh graduates who are enthusiastic about an MBA degree but a considerable number of working professionals including corporate employees and entrepreneurs flood the management programs offered by the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) , a premier AICTE approved B-school of the country.

GIM conducts a three-year part time PGDM – PT (Executive ­­­­­­­­MBA) program which has evolved with time. The present curriculum has been curated to meet the career advancement aspirations of working executives; and business growth objectives of family owned small and medium businesses. This program provides the full content and flavor of a rigorous MBA program.

Past records linked to the PGDM – PT program reveal that the average class age of the students is 29 years with the oldest being 45 years. 33% working ladies opted for the part time MBA program and 40% of the men who enrolled for the program are engineers. The average work experience of the past students has been 6 years. Statistics depicts that the highest number of aspirants for the part time MBA course come from the hospitality, pharmaceutical, IT, Mining and Services industry. Local entrepreneurs also opt for the program in a bid to up-scale their businesses.

The PGDM – PT program offers the convenience of completing a rigorous MBA program while working or being involved in their entrepreneurial ventures. Classes are conducted at the Sankhali campus and the city-centered campus and are conveniently scheduled on Saturdays between 2:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays between 8:30 a.m. and 8.00 p.m.

Executives and supervisors with the passion to advance quickly in their careers are eligible to apply. One with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with at least 50% marks and at least 2 years of work experience would qualify.

Prof. Ajit Parulekar, Director, GIM opined that “During the first and second year, the students are expected to study Core and Elective Courses spread over four terms, each of approximately 15-week duration. During the third year the students do projects as a dissertation, and either a case study or a work improvement project. The curriculum is designed to develop both conceptual and practice of the skill based competencies.”

The teaching – learning process is unique. While the core faculty members, with their strong credentials, strive to apply innovative techniques, the visiting faculty members, drawn from the industry and leading MBA colleges, ensure that the course is in sync with latest industry requirements. Visits to industries in Goa and neighboring states and exchange program with international institutes are planned to bring in greater exposure.

Hundreds of business executives and many Goan entrepreneurs have benefited from the program. Dipti Chapekar, who graduated with a Gold Medal in 2017 said, “PGDM-PT program was a huge value-add to my business.” Dr. Viney Jindal, Ex-Dean of GMC commented that he enjoyed the entire period of three years in the program.

He said, “This course taught me how to understand the complex organizational behaviour and what were the options available to handle different situations that arose during my tenure. I was better prepared to handle the financial issues and also my communication skills with the public got refined”.

Mishal Maganlal, Director, Magsons Group said, “The EMBA Program at GIM enabled me to apply the classroom learnings in real-time at work. Coming from a science background, the curriculum and guidance of professors has helped me develop a strong foundation on business management”. Radhika Nayak, Principal Dempo College said, “I benefitted a great deal from the program! The tangibles were of course the degree with a grade sheet that I was proud of but of greater importance were the intangibles… admiration for excellent teachers, friendships for life, renewed enthusiasm in the midst of young colleagues and the satisfaction of having spent 3 years productively!! This is an experience that one should never miss!!”

GIM has recently announced admissions to its part time executive MBA program PGDM-PT. Admissions are open till 03 June 2019. For more information on the course and admission procedure visit the college website at



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