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GLocalMind, Global Healthcare Fieldwork and Analysis Company Completes 10-year Milestone

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December 18, 2020

GLocalMind, a leading healthcare fieldwork and analysis company serving the healthcare ecosystem has successfully completed 10 years in the business. With its global headquarters in the US and operations headquarters in India, GLocalMind has access to healthcare professionals in 57 Countries across 86 Specialties and 60 Medical Conditions and over 1.5 million panellists, making them a familiar name in the healthcare research sector the world over.

They provide access to healthcare stakeholders including physicians, patients and payers by way of their panels, partners and custom recruitment. Their client base includes top Global Market Research Companies, Hospitals, Pharma Companies, Healthcare Consulting Companies, Life Sciences Companies and Medical Device Companies.

GLocalMind was launched in 2010 with a vision to provide easy access to high quality healthcare professionals in a timely manner to the healthcare industry. They aimed to leverage the power of technology in reducing time to insights and in stakeholder research. Today they have offices in India, USA and Europe along with a wide network of panellists present in most cities around the world.

GLocalMind supports research studies which includes Market Evaluation, KOL Research, Patient Pathways, Concept Testing, Market Access, Product Usage, Communication Testing, Current and Future Therapy Trends, Packaging Testing, Prescription Habits and Reimbursement Studies.

Adds Sandeep Sankhla, Founder & Managing Partner, GLocalMind, “Our focus for the last decade has been to build a delivery model that will provide healthcare companies with timely information and actionable insights. We have steadfastly believed in making a difference by being a reliable intermediary between the various healthcare players towards producing better medicine and improving healthcare outcomes.”

The marketplace is fragmented with a few large players and a number of smaller local companies. While the larger players face challenges when it comes to niche markets, the smaller players are unable to cover multiple geographies. GlocalMind has successfully bridged this gap by deploying an onshore/offshore model addressing these challenges and providing global fieldwork with local expertise.

Vrinda Deval, Managing Partner, GLocalMind adds, “We are very excited to have completed 10 years of operations, a journey dotted by several milestones across clients, people, processes. With our global presence and reach we are happy to have some of the world’s biggest healthcare brands and entities as our clients.”

She adds, “The pandemic has only further brought to the forefront the need to adopt new methods to speed up research timelines which GlocalMind is well poised to deliver as we enter into the next phase of our growth.”

With COVID-19 being the biggest healthcare crisis faced by the world in many decades, the medical community has been working on a vaccine as well as to understand the impact on the healthcare system. GLocalMind has conducted various market research studies including studying the Impact on healthcare practices, Impact on hospital operations, Adoption of tele-medicine, pricing perceptions for Covid Vaccine, healthcare innovation and transformation etc.

Known for their focus on technology, Glocalmind has successfully conducted over 200,000+ surveys globally to date. Armed with their GLocalSMART suite of products, their proprietary panel and project management software, they are well on their way to transitioning from being an independent healthcare research facilitator to a larger aggregator model. This is in line with their vision to play a bigger role by creating a larger ecosystem for healthcare research studies globally by the end of 2021.