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Godrej Group’s Latest Research Showcases Kochi to be Conscious Towards Mental Health

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October 19, 2021

Almost 44% of Kochi residents have become conscious of the environment – including growing plants, selecting their purchases more carefully and
conserving energy as direct result of the pandemic and lockdown. This was revealed by ‘The Little Things We Do’ study conducted by one of India’s most trusted conglomerates, Godrej Group.

The study, which was conducted to understand and analyse the daily routines, habits and gestures adopted by our citizens during months of lockdown, further revealed that more than 44% of Kochi citizens responded that they felt happy while offering mental support to others as compared to National data that showcased 20.48%. This is a distinctive finding concludedfrom the study as it indicates that Kochi is more sensitive towards mental health as compared to other cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai that stood at 16%, 13% and 6% respectively.

Lending a helping hand in household chores was recognised as a ‘happiness driver’ by more than 44% of citizens in Kochi. Even though it was the most appreciated gesture nationally too, only 29.62% acknowledged it. Almost all respondents from Kochi indulged in freshly cooked breakfast regularly during the lockdown, further highlighting the fact that little contributions and their subsequent impact often leave a lasting mark on our lives.

Sujit Patil, Vice President & Group Head – Corporate Brand and Communications, Godrej, described the research as an insight into the minds of consumers from different cities during a challenging period. He said, “The current pandemic has had a major effect on our lives and many people are facing challenges that can be stressful, overwhelming, and cause strong emotions in adults and children. It is great to see that Kochi residents are sensitive towards mental health and they feel happy to help each other.”

He further emphasised on the brighter side of such difficult and gloomy days, “45.59% citizens from Kochi have started spending time with their family due to the absence of long commutes and maintained their work-life balance as compared to 36% people nationally. More than 57% of people stayed connected with their older parents while nationally only 49% did the same.”

On the family driven philanthropy, over 58% citizens from Kochi donated and distributed sanitizers, food packets, old clothes, blankets, medical devices, etc. to those in need as compared to 54% respondents nationally.

Other insights revealed through the research included:
 80% respondents included healthy home-made food due to restriction on eating out as compared to 74.75% people nationally
 46% made financial donations to the underprivileged whereas nationally it is 39.50%
 31.37% people enjoyed watching funny memes, Instagram Live concerts and videos on social media whereas nationally the data revealed 23.27%
 28.43% citizens took regular breaks throughout the day to destress and maintain their work-life balance