Godrej Interio Launches Revolutionary Posture Support Mattress in Kochi

Godrej Interio, India’s leading furniture and interior solutions brand, launched a new revolutionary posture support mattress that is specifically designed to support body posture, especially while asleep.
Launched by Anil Mathur, COO, Godrej Interio, Kochi, the posture support mattress is designed and developed to help people so that they could get undisturbed sleep and thereby derive various health and productivity benefits. One of the primary reasons for launching this revolutionary product is that a nationwide research conducted under [email protected], a health awareness initiative by Godrej Interio revealed that around 90 per cent of Indians don’t sleep on time and about 55 per cent sleep post-midnight. In fact, 64.23 per cent individuals browse smart phones or TV before sleeping. And unfortunately merely 10 per cent of teenagers below 18 years sleep at 10 and young professionals suffer the most due to late night works. Sleep deprivation and irregular sleep patterns have led to about 93 per cent of people feeling dull the next morning.
There are different positions in which people sleep of which two types are most common – one is sleeping on back and the other remaining sideways. Both these conditions need to be supported differently to give adequate support to the spine to retain its natural shape and to avoid stress being developed in the contact points.
Posture support mattress comprises first two layers with a total thickness of 50 mm. These two layers are designed to support a person’s body when he sleeps on his back and also in such a way that it furthermore supports the body on sleeping sideways.
Anil Mathur, COO, Godrej Interio said, “Our understanding and experience reveals that the most important factor of a good mattress is its ability to support the weight of the person sleeping on it. We therefore for the first time in the world developed a mattress in accordance with the weight of people. Launching this revolutionary product in Kochi prior to the commencement of Onam festivities is special since we wanted our customers to celebrate to their fullest and thereafter gain optimum rest thereby rejuvenating their mind and body.”
It must furthermore be pointed out that sleeping on the wrong mattress can result in pressure point discomfort forcing one to toss and turn more frequently than usual resulting in a night full of disturbed sleep, a morning awakening of aches and pains, and a day feeling tired and not at one’s best.


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