GTech Announces Rs 25 Crore Contribution from IT Community

Group of Technology Companies (GTech), representing the Kerala IT community, has announced a target contribution of Rs 25 crore over the next 12 months, towards the Government’s rehabilitation efforts.
This will be a community-driven initiative involving the IT companies in the State and their employees. The preliminary contributions from GTech member companies have exceeded Rs 5 crores and many associates and clients of IT companies in Kerala have already pledged their support towards the cause.
“The recent calamity is unparalleled and we are delighted to see an outpour of eager volunteerism, particularly by the youth of our State, who have been working tirelessly for the cause of rescue and relief. The IT community supported the rescue efforts through call centres that verified information and channelised them to appropriate authorities. Scores of volunteers joined in unison to tirelessly support the relief efforts from various collection centres in the State and one of our members is managing a relief camp that they set up. The rehabilitation phase will be long drawn and we are aware of the significant challenge that lie ahead. The entire IT community will stand together and we pledge to work with the Government on this onerous mission,” Alexander Varghese, Chairman of GTech, said.
A notable aspect about the IT industry in Kerala is the harmony with which the companies collaborate together on various fronts that include business, technology, policy formulation, culture, entertainment and so on. On corporate social responsibility, beyond the significant initiatives by individual member companies, GTech often drives collective efforts where the large IT companies, the Small and Medium companies, and the Start-ups all work together in unity.
It is this spirit of bonhomie that the industry aims to leverage. Dinesh Thampi, Hon. Secretary of GTech adds, “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Our industry has both the numbers and willing minds. A small contributions by each individual, will collectively add to a significant sum. The cause of rehabilitation will involve a deep study of the various needs as it unfolds in the coming days. We will constitute an expert panel to develop a comprehensive plan with a focus on transparency and execution efficiency. We are confident the entire Kerala IT community will stand together and support the Government in this initiative”.


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