What Harms Our Country the Most ? Objectification of Women

By Hridya H Kumar

In this modern society a woman is much more than a mother and a wife. She is also a boss and a bread earner in the family. Women are now working equally and are just as strong as any man. But are the patriarchy norms changing? Are women really given the recognition they deserve. Then why are they just reduced to their bodies when they are much more?

India is famous for its item numbers and ‘chittiyaan kalaiyave’ meaning fair wrist. A women status in this country is measured by her colour and body. A matrimony site is a perfect example of how Indian men want their woman to be. She has to be fair as milk, should have a thin curvy body and assets as big as their imagination. Well, can we blame these men when the culture we portray on our screens at home give out such absurd ideas?

A woman on screen is portrayed with fair skinned, a tiny waist and long silky hair to attract more viewers. Even the ever challenging Hollywood doesn’t objectify woman as much as our Bollywood. The societal norms are making so many woman in this country feel very insecure and pressurised. This objectification is immensely disturbing and hurtful.

It’s not just the society, even the women compare and start body shaming themselves. Even a strong independent woman with dark skin is belittled by her own relatives. Its funny how a small tube of fair and lovely will help such girls find their suitable groom than her years of education.

Many claim that it’s the society and media that degrades woman to just mere objects. But this objectification started long back from our ancient times. The pieces like Abhijnana Shakuntalam and Suleiman Charitra are perfect examples of woman objectification. Even our famous Kalidasa used to describe a woman by her busty bosom and deer like eyes.

The Indian literature evoke many questions in the young reader mind like why is the mighty Indra the king of gods lustfully drooling over a married woman not considered a sin but committing a small mistake against a Rishi can turn the woman into a stone till another man comes to rescue her? Pathetic how woman can raise a small finger against a man and she is considered an outcast.

A country that doesn’t treat woman with respect and equality will always be a developing third world country. But it’s still not late to change our future. We can’t change our Indian literature but we can sure change how a media represent woman in our country. Media can start showcasing woman with more ideal roles and emphasis on her brains more than the body. The item numbers in Bollywood should be banned for good.

The change should begin from the house of every Indians. Families should stop cracking funny jokes on a women’s body and encourage her to be a better human being than a groom attracter. But the most important thing is have a positive outlook about oneself and not let the negativities effect you. Finally, the voice lies within us. We need to understand the patriarchy society we live in. The rules they force upon us, the tricks they play. We need to find the strength to tackle all these absurds misogynistic ideals and live a life of confidence.

Let us build a country that not only values a mother but each and every role a woman plays. Let us not reduce her to only a body but realise she is much more.




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