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How Parents can Keep their Children Safe from Covid-19

In Health
October 20, 2021

Children are the heart of the concerns for an anticipated third wave of Covid-19 in India. Multiple state governments have already highlighted concerns of their existing pediatric capacities for both hospitals and vaccines in case there is a spike of children being infected.

While children were relatively safer during the first wave, the mutated versions of the virus during the second wave infected children as well. A child with a COVID-19 infection may be either asymptomatic, mildly symptomatic, moderately sick or severely ill. The symptoms for children are similar to those for adults including fever, cough, shortness of breath and fatigue among others.

However, the severity can vary. For now, there is no approved vaccine available for children in India. With lockdowns being lifted and schools reopening, parents must take utmost care to keep their children safe. As seen in the second wave, if even one person in the family is infected, the entire household is likely to catch the virus due to higher infectivity. It is imperative to ensure children adhere to safety protocols such as wearing a mask in public spaces. Parents must also avoid taking children to crowded places and social gatherings, if possible. However, masks should be avoided if the children are engaged in physical activities so that their breathing is not compromised. All surfaces at home must also be regularly disinfected.

Making sure that children follow a healthy and well-balanced diet including fruits, vegetables and plenty of home cooked food will help boost their immunity. In contrast, oily, spicy and junk food must be avoided. Lupin’s Aptivate is an ayurvedic syrup that helps in improving appetite and mothers can easily give home cooked nutritious food to their children. It contains nine natural ingredients including Giloy, Amla, Pippali, etc. that are even recommended by Ayush Mantralaya to help children strengthen their natural immune system. Since these are time tested natural ingredients, Aptivate is a safe appetite stimulant that can be given to children regularly to develop a healthy appetite and boost immunity naturally.

Besides a healthy diet for immunity, parents must also ensure that their children get sufficient physical activity, consume plenty of water and fluids and get adequate sleep. While the vaccines for children are still being developed, it is imperative for parents to safeguard their children against the virus.