H&R Block Employees as Role Models in Social Volunteering Activities

H&R Block, an American tax preparation company in Technopark, has become a model in social volunteering activities. To commemorate the 100th birthday of company co-founder Henty Bloch, more than 350 employees of the company participated in the service organized throughout the state. In July, all the employees completed almost 3000 hours of social volunteer activities. More than 35 associate groups of H&R Block across the country have conducted various activities such as distribution of training materials, cleaning of public spaces, feeding in retirement homes and orphanages, afforestation, blood donation, etc.

“H&R Block has been carrying out social service activities since its starting in 2017, and the dedication and work shown by our staff towards these voluntary activities conducted in July across the country itself give us great satisfaction and inspiration. They are the ones who play the lead role in this organization and the loving response these activities receive is completely convincing of how much they help in transforming everyone’s life. H&R Block wishes to continue the service activities in the coming days.” H&R Block Vice President Hari Prasad said.


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