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IBMC supports India Based SMEs to Large Corporate for International Trades

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July 30, 2021

Considering the upcoming international trade opportunities for SMEs to Large Corporate through Secured Virtual Platforms, IBMC International DMCC, Dubai based company providing opportunities to Indian SMEs to Large Corporate through its SME Economy eMarketplace Trade Flow System from UAE, which connects international companies from 50+ countries together to make international trades from their home countries.

India based Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Large Corporate can join with SME Economy Trade Flow and able showcase their company and its products internationally for venturing international trades. From SMEs to any class of Companies can list their brand and products in www.smeeconomy-uae.com as complimentary. Indian Business Class can also join through SME Economy through Mobile App in Android and iOS as complimentary.

IBMC’s SME Economy trade flow aims to support UAE based registered companies to connect international companies from 50+ countries for import/export trades and also to mitigate their current business challenges such as Secured Business Challenges, Working Capital Challenges and Receivable Challenges. IBMC added international trade protection strategies by implementing International Due-diligence, Trade Credit Insurance, Secured Letter of Credit facilities and Factoring Services through UAE based Banks and Financial Institutions. International Fund Houses and Investors also will get an opportunities to invest through this secured trade flow system.

Indian companies also will get opportunities to connect with international companies based at 50+ countries directly for trades based on their mutual understanding. SME Economy Platform trades will happen only through UAE based credible and registered companies, which are completed IBMC’s Trade Protection Strategies such as International Due-diligence, Trade Credit Insurance Facilities, Secured Letter of Credit and Factoring facilities.

This innovative Trade Flow System for in the Gulf region for international business class has designed by Sajith Kumar, CEO & MD of IBMC Group. New Business Class from India those who are setting up their company in UAE can also utilize this international platform, said Sajith.

IBMC along with BSE Institute (BIL) has taken initiative to support UAE based SMEs and Companies to understand upcoming opportunities in eMarketplace Trade Flow System and IPOs in International Exchanges, “BIL- IBMC Centre of Excellence” has announced Online Foundation Program in Global Stock Markets and Exchanges which will start from September 2021 onwards in Virtual Platform.