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ICICI Lombard Unveils ‘Cloud Calling’ Feature

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September 06, 2023

ICICI Lombard , one of India’s leading private general insurers, unveiled its latest technological innovation, the “Cloud Calling” feature. The unique feature is designed to reshape customer communication during the motor claims process by enhancing customer experience, expediting claims settlements, and underscore ICICI Lombard’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of its valued customers.

“Cloud Calling” introduces a paradigm shift in how claims are managed and settled. In the conventional process, multiple telephonic communications between the Customer Service Manager (CSM) and the customer were required, leading to potential delays and inefficiencies. Recognizing this challenge, ICICI Lombard now empowers customers and claims managers alike with a dedicated virtual number for seamless and efficient communication. This unique feature transforms the claims journey into a smooth, transparent, and well-coordinated process, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

The merits of this innovation are multifaceted, offering benefits that encompass the entire claims lifecycle. Customers now have a single contact point to reach their designated CSM, fostering ease of communication. Call connectivity is streamlined, with comprehensive call tracking platform , enhancing transparency and accountability. The virtual number allows for automatic redirection to the appropriate manager in the event of CSM is occupied, thus ensuring that no customer query is unattended . Additionally, the feature includes call recordings, providing insightful data for analysis and continuous improvement in customer interactions.

Commenting on the new feature, Gaurav Arora, Chief – Underwriting & Claims Property & Casualty at ICICI Lombard, said, “In the ever-evolving contemporary landscape, our unwavering focus centers on the augmentation of the customer claims journey & customer experience. Through the innovative integration of ‘Cloud Calling,’ feature we are resolutely committed to harnessing technological advancements that transcend the barriers in communication between claims owners, engineers managers, and customers, thereby culminating in an expedited and optimized claims settlement paradigm.”

Since its inception, the “Cloud Calling” feature has already connected over 4 lac customers, providing immediate support & assistance and till now addressed 95% of customers queries raised regarding motor claims process. This milestone stands as a testimony to the efficacy and relevance of this innovation, as ICICI Lombard continues to redefine industry standards.

Arora further added, “The thought behind the new feature stems from a profound realization – that while technology enhances efficiency, the essence of human interaction mustn’t be lost. We designed this feature to bridge the gap between convenience and personal touch. By facilitating direct communication between claims owners and customers, ‘Cloud Calling’ not only expedites the claims process but also underscores our commitment to human-centric service.”

While “Cloud Calling” stands as a testament to ICICI Lombard’s progressive spirit, it is part of a larger ecosystem designed to elevate customer experience. The IL TakeCare app, coupled with services like “InstaSpect,” the pioneering mobile self-inspection feature, showcases ICICI Lombard’s holistic approach to embracing technology. These services underscore our unswerving dedication to delivering a seamless and efficient claims settlement process, all while adhering to its hallmark of exceptional customer service.