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ICL Fincorp Expands in Mumbai with Five New Branches and a Regional Office

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September 26, 2023

ICL Fincorp is opening five new branches and a regional office in Mumbai, demonstrating the company’s strong dedication to offering accessible and tailored financial solutions.

These branches are strategically located in prominent areas of Mumbai, ensuring enhanced accessibility to various financial products and services. The expansion aims to promote financial inclusivity and address the diverse financial requirements of Mumbai’s citizens. The new branches will be located in Matunga, Mulund, Vasai, Borivalli, and Ulhasnagar, along with a regional office. This is part of a broader expansion plan for ICL Fincorp, which includes opening 25 new branches across Mumbai during this financial year. The new branches was inaugurated by CMD Adv. K. G. Anilkumar of ICL Fincorp and the first business launch was done by Whole-time Director Uma Anilkumar.

Under the visionary guidance of CMD Adv. K. G Anilkumar, ICL Fincorp has built a legacy spanning over 32 years as the preferred financial partner for customers through its services. The company already operates more than 350 branches in India, predominantly in Odisha and Southern states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. ICL Fincorp also acquired Salem Erode Investments, a BSE-listed NBFC with more than 92 years of service in Tamil Nadu. In association with recent launch initiatives in Telangana, ‘ICL Support’ was introduced as part of charity engagements and made significant contributions to the upliftment of the underprivileged.

ICL Fincorp specializes in providing excellent financial assistance through Gold Loan, Hire Purchase Loan, Investment Options, Money Transfer, Foreign Exchange, Business Loan, Home Insurance, Health Insurance & Life Insurance services. Moreover, the group has successfully ventured into other domains such as travel & tourism, fashion, health diagnostics & charitable trusts. The company has also commenced operations in the Middle East with the introduction of ICL Investments LLC, Gold Trading, Financial Brokerage services and ICL Tours & Travels LLC.

The remarkable growth and success of ICL Fincorp and its subsidiaries are attributed to the vision and foresight of CMD Adv. K. G. Anilkumar, as well as the management by Uma Anilkumar, Whole-time Director & CEO. By adhering to Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines, ICL Fincorp has gained the trust and loyalty of customers throughout India and the Middle East. The company strives to pave a new path towards greater success in fostering lasting relationships and trust among the public.