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ITC’s Feel Good with Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey 2023 unveils Interesting Facts

In Health
November 03, 2023

In India, attitudes towards mental health and mental wellbeing have been gradually evolving with increased awareness and conversations towards reducing the stigma. In its 3rd year on Mental Health Day, ITC’s Feel Good with Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey unveils interesting facts to further understand young India’s changing attitudes towards mental wellbeing and mental health. Commissioned with NielsenIQ, the survey covers a gamut of beliefs, behaviours, major stressors and de-stressors for GenZ and Millennials towards mental health.

Cinema, like in many other parts of the world, plays a significant role in raising awareness about cultural influences and behaviours. The Feel Good with Fiama Mental wellbeing Survey, 2023 reveals that Gen Z and Millennials believe that better portrayal of mental health in cinema will influence perceptions and drive conversations. Mental wellbeing in recent years has gained some prominence in broadcast content and the survey highlights the need to explore more positive portrayal. 82% of the survey respondents feel that TV/OTT can be instrumental in influencing perceptions about mental health. 77% believe that TV/Movies and OTT content can drive mental health conversations. While proactive dialogue on mental wellbeing and handling everyday stress is witnessing a positive shift, there is a need to illustrate it better in pop culture references. 78% Indians feel ‘dramatic’ representation of mental health can deter people from seeking treatment and 79% believe positive mental health portrayals in movies can aid in addressing stigma. 81% also feel that celebrities create strong impact as mental health advocates.

Speaking about the survey, Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said “It is heartening to note some of the positive shifts that have taken place in understanding mental health with the gradual increase in awareness campaigns and discussions. The Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey continues to provide the spotlight on India’s youth and their attitude towards mental health and well-being. In its 3rd edition, the survey unveils some critical facts that can definitely be a catalyst for more widespread conversations, a more nuanced understanding of the issue as well as enhance mental health support. Fiama’s endeavour to make mental wellbeing a more proactive conversation goes beyond just provoking a thought. In collaboration with MINDS Foundation, it also enables access to subsidized virtual therapy.”