Janarogyasangamam Kick Start​s​ at Malappuram

The three day Janarogyasangamam being organised by Nature Life International kick started at Changarakulam, Edappal.
Around 300 people from various parts of Kerala will be attending the programme. Around 10 study classes will be conducted during these three days.
The Janarogyasangamam discusses taste and quality, health and treatment ​for diseases. Families which eat only non cooked food, Balakrishnan Palai, a marathon athlete who is living with only tender coconut juice and K K Joseph, who made a world record with 95 push​-​ups in a minute and eats only non cooked foods are also participating in the programme.
Environmentalist Adv Norma Alvar​es inaugurate​d​ the function. Organising committee working chairman P P Yusufali presided. Mujeeb Kokkur, Alamkode grama panchayat president Aysha Hassan, Nannamukku grama panchayat president T Sathyan,Siddique Panthavoor, Khadija Varghese, Shuhaib Riyakku, Siddique Moulavi Ayilakkadu, PPM Ashraf, Shanavas Vattattoor, Ashok Kumar Master, K V Sugathan, Njanavedhan, P Kumaran, Omana Kunjamma, Shambu Namboothiri and Dr Jacob Vadakkancherry spoke.
V Ashok Kumar who ​authored the ​book ​’Rogam Vitharunna Rasavalam’ was honoured on the occasion. The book ‘Prakrithi Pradhamachikitsakal 100’ written by Dr Jacob Vadakkancheery was released. Naturelife.news web portal was also launched.


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