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Japanese Airline Introduces Traditional Food for Passengers

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December 07, 2018

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) has recently announced its new in-flight menu which consists of many local dishes.

The Taste of Japan by ANA project aims to attract foreign tourists by promoting cuisines from Japan’s traditional meals including food, drinks, sweets, and culture. Traditional Japanese food is collectively known as Washoku, which is prepared by using ingredients form parts of Japan. Chugoku and Shikoku regions largely contribute to the production of many ingredients.

“Previous project was focused on disseminating attractiveness of region, but in the second step, we added enhancement of airline ticket and travel product. ANA Group is working hard on introducing attractiveness of local region and we hope to make many customers visit,” ANA said in a statement.

“Such initiative by ANA is helping to promote tourism in various prefectures of Japan. It helps to promote the indigenous food and culture,” the statement added. Officials from Okayama prefecture appealed to passengers to relish local meal and enjoy the culture.”I hope when traveller eats our specialty dessert which uses Shimizu Peach during flight that they would come to Okayama Prefecture and eat fresh Shimizu Peach, one of the officials said.

At the venue, staff of the tourism office provides information about the food. ANA further noted that the number of tourists visiting Japan is increasing, and tourists from Asia account for the majority among top 10 ranking countries.

“The number of tourists coming from Southeast Asia is expected to increase from now on and we would like to create such cycle that informs tourists about various attractions of Japan and charms of the region, gives them interest, makes them visit, and like Japan,” the airline stated. The airline is not only helping to promote the food and culture of Japan but is also promoting tourism in the country.