Jewellery Depending On the Type of Face

Everyone is different and every one is unique in their own style. What suits for one need no suite well for the other? So is the case with jewellery and the type of one’s face. So knowing your face structure is important, which would help you determine the kind of jewellery that would suit you the best. Along with the face shape, the hairstyle also needs to be tangent with it so that you get the perfect look.

So basically, the common types of face structures include the oval-shaped face, round shaped face, diamond shaped face, and square shaped face, peach shaped face, triangular shaped face, and oblong shaped face. This article will guide five of the above mentioned face structures that would help them compliment their jewellery with their face structure. The prominent face structures, that is, the oval shaped face, round shaped face, square shaped face, rectangular shaped face and triangular shaped faces are discussed below.

An oval shaped face is longer and the jaws are narrower than the cheekbones. This type of face blends in well with any kinds of hairstyles. So is the case with the jewellery for this face structure. Ideally, medium sized jewellery would look good. Check for subtle diamond set designs and style your hair and keep them open for occasions only.

People with round shaped face have a curved jawline, and the main attempt her would be to remove focus from the roundness of the face and re-focus on the facial features like eye and then even the hair. You can opt for open hairstyles, which shows some kind of volume in the hair and opt for huge pieces of jewellery like a large hoop or dangle earring. Check out for some stylish nose pin design for round face and even small studs to compliment the look.

People having a square shaped face have similar characteristic to from top to bottom of their face, which mean even face structure. The aim of wearing any kind of jewellery would be to soften the angles of the face, rather smoothen it. Oval shaped loop earring or narrow chandelier earrings would look good and one can avoid anything sticking to the neck, like a choker designed neck piece.

A rectangular faces are longer than being wide like the square shaped one. A short necklace that covers up your neck, like a choker would be appropriate and to reduce the edginess of the cheeks and jaw line, small hooked or small hooped earrings would be good. Dangling earring can be avoided maximum.

Those who have narrow forehead and brow tend to have the triangular shaped face with a somewhat prominent jawline. Jewellery that softens the jawline would be suitable, for example, short neck pieces or necklace and a pair of stud earrings. So based on your face structure and face type, choose our jewellery accordingly to enhance the features of your face. Along with the jewellery, choose the hairstyle that complements your entire look.


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