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Kamal Haasan Releases Vision Document for Tamil Nadu

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March 02, 2020

Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM)president Kamal Haasan released the vision document for Tamil Nadu, to build a future-ready Thamizh Nadu with a new brand of politics.

Kamal Haasan thanked all for agreeing to be a part of what is a very special moment for his life. “I always had a dream to see Thamizh Nadu right at the top, among the best places to live and work across the world. Today, I am privileged to share my vision with the best and brightest minds from the media fraternity”, he said.

Throughout my career, I have always trodden the path that balanced rationality and emotion and avoided any kind of polarising stands. There is no option better than staying together in an all- inclusive society with a unifying thread taking care of every citizen, he said.

With the centrist ideology, At MNM we are on a special mission to bring about a two-fold change.
· Reimagining Thamizh Nadu
· Revolutionising politics

Why reimagine Thamizh Nadu
The state needs renewed energy and vision to charter a new course for future. Thamizh Nadu has always been at the forefront of development, but rampant corruption has belittled the state’s image and under-utilised its potential to create a thriving economy. A general lack of hunger and imagination fuelled by mere welfare and electoral politics has left the state wanting.

We need to stop doling out mere benefits and empower our people with platforms to help them achieve more via ambition and enterprise. Only then will our qualified youth get appropriate work and not odd jobs. We are extremely worried about the direction Thamizh Nadu seems to be taking in in the last few years:

Today, Thamizh Nadu has lost its place of pride as the Detroit of India. Thamizh Nadu accounts for only 0.79% of the total investments across the country. Slipped to the 12th position.

We are 15th ra in the ease of doing business index. As per Niti Ayog, the State has registered the largest decline in health index rankings, from 3rd in 2015-16 to 9th in 2017-2018.

Unemployment is at a high of 6.2%.
The legacy of 50 years of Dravidian rule that served the state has run its course. We need new energy and leadership to be counted amongst the top in the country. Overall there is a bleak sentiment on the streets which needs immediate attention.

We are still better off compared to most other states, especially the ones up north. But a state that has given CEOs to the biggest companies in the world can surely set a much higher benchmark. There is a dire need to change the outlook of our politics and make the much-needed shift from being a welfare state to an enterprise state.

MNM is a party of visionary entrepreneurs with a plan to run the state like an enterprise and be the Numero Uno state in the country. Ushering-in an inclusive, enterprise economy, Road map to bring Prosperity for All
The centrist ideology is the only way to ensure prosperity for all and end favouritism based on any divisions like caste, religion, left/right ideologies etc.

Prosperity for every Thamizhan is not a dream but a possibility that can be achieved on the back of an ‘Enterprise Economy’. We want to make enterprise the soul of our politics and the engine of our economy.

Enterprise economy seeks to eradicate poverty and generate jobs for every citizen including those that are not in the ambit of the traditional job market like housewives and students. ‘Housewife’ itself is a big job and should be paid commensurately. Paying housewives for doing their job is an idea whose time has truly come and we shall ensure that.

Enterprise Politics will touch farmers, roadside vendors, self-help group participants, fishermen as well as small and big businessmen. It will truly be ‘prosperity for all’. Our brand of politics will stay away from any kind of crony capitalism that we usually associate with ‘business friendly’ politics.

The enterprise economy will be driven by the energy of our Youth by giving them maximum opportunities to unleash their potential to the fullest. We need to build world class infrastructure, quality education, real time markets for the farmers, real time information for fishermen which is critical for their safety and a decent house for every Thamizhian to live with pride and his head held high. My enterprise economy model will put Thamizh Nadu on the path to become USD 1 trillion GSDP (PPP) and transform Thamzih Nadu into 1 Trillion Nadu.

Changing Lives, Livelihoods and lifestyles
A true game changer, enterprise economy will alter the face of Thamizh Nadu and its population forever. The goal of a socially driven enterprise economy will make every citizen believe that their life and lifestyle can change because there is a more enterprising way to look at livelihood.

A good life is not just a rich man’s right. In fact, a good lifestyle for every citizen must be the state’s contribution. If we want to awe the world, then we need to first awe and inspire our own people with great infrastructure, simple systems and an enterprising atmosphere because when everybody has an entrepreneurial mindset the economy will automatically become enterprising. This thriving and growing economy will breed happiness, collaboration and set an example for the rest of the country to follow.

We have enough to learn from countries like Japan and Singapore who have written new chapters in their history on the back of enterprise economies. It was possible due to visionary leaders who rose above petty politics and small interests to espouse the larger cause of ‘prosperity for all’.

Why Enterprise Economy?
Enterprise is one of the greatest ideas ever occurred to mankind, defining the very essence of human society.
The world is in the midst of an enterprise revolution but Thamizh Nadu seems to have missed the bus. We have the capability, the education and the talent but the enterprising attitude seems to be missing and it starts right at the top.

When more people decide to become entrepreneurs instead of merely serving, the society tends to become more empowered and equal. We need to create an encouraging environment where everyone will ‘step-up’ and earn better. Our enterprise economic model will go down as the biggest socio-economic revolution ever in the history of Thamizh Nadu.

It is a road full of Empowerment, Education, Earning and most importantly, Enterprise! Enterprise economy is the best and the most honest possible answer to all questions related to Thamizh Nadu’s future. A future that is extremely bright only if handled by those with the right intent and ambition.