Free Legal Aid from YAB: Kannur Native Receives Passport from Dubai Court

A native of Kannur, Sanju Kunnumpurathu, who had given his passport as security at Dubai Court for his employer, received it back after getting free legal advice from YAB Legal Servicemand cancelled the liability of Rs 70 lakhs.

Kannur Pathariyadu native Shamil Kumar, engaged in real estate business, had a debt of 1,79,280 dirhams in 2017. Another real estate company had given a case against Sanju and a travel ban was issued against him. The travel ban was lifted when a relative of Shamil Kumar, Prajosh, given his passport as security and Shamil returned to Kerala.

When Prajosh waned to return to Kerala, the employee of the company Sanju, given his passport as security. The employer of Sanju did not return back and he died in 2021 which led to the debt increasing to 3.41,782 dirhams.

Later Sanju approached YAB Legal Services CEO Salam Pappinissery and presented the case before the court. The court was convinced about the case of Sanju and directed to release the passport and cancel the liability of the money.


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