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Kerala Gears up for India’s 1st Genomics-based Infectious Diseases Test

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February 09, 2024

HaystackAnalytics, a pioneer in genomics based diagnostics solutions has joined hands with NIMS Medicity, Neyyattinkara, a super specialty Hospital, to introduce infexn™️ Test, the world’s first on-site genomics test for infectious disease diagnostics, in the city. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the city’s diagnostic landscape, promising immaculate results and competent services by equipping the diagnostic center with genome sequencing technology to tackle infectious diseases effectively.

The state-of-the-art targeted next generation sequencing test, infexnTM, designed by HaystackAnalytics, is a genomics based test to detect any bacterial and/or fungal infection along with detection of relevant antimicrobial resistance genes, within 24 hrs. infexn™, which is a kit+software solution, is the world’s first genomic test which can be performed within a hospital. Made in India, Made for the World, infexnTM is a go-to-test for infection detection. . The infexn™ report can be life saving for patients with suspected infection. More importantly, it can empower the healthcare ecosystem with advanced definitive diagnostics to achieve tailored antibiotic usage. This shall enable effective implementation of the national goal of championing antimicrobial stewardship, thus, aligning to India’s commitment towards the fight against antimicrobial resistance in the G20 presidentship.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Aneesh Nair, Principal Scientist & Head, NIMS Centre for Genomic Medicine, NIMS Medicity, Kerala, said, “This innovative approach promises to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of infectious disease detection, marking a significant milestone in the healthcare sector. NIMS Medicity is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions like infexnTM, aiming to empower medical practitioners with more precise diagnosis and timely treatments to enhance patient care. Our collaboration with HaystackAnalytics reflects our efforts to bring innovation and advanced technologies to the doorstep of Kerala.”

Dr Mahua Dasgupta Kapoor, Director, Medical Affairs (Infectious Diseases), HaystackAnalytics, said, “This state-of-the-art genomic testing solution brings to the clinicians efficient and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases, leading to targeted therapy and improved patient outcomes. We are excited to lead the way in this innovative journey of making genome sequencing based diagnostic solutions accurate, applicable, and accessible for masses. The collaborations with hospitals and diagnostic labs allow translating effective solutions from the bench to the bedside and showcases the growing recognition of genomics in transforming the healthcare sector of India to improve patient outcomes.”