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Kerala Government Will Not Close Down More Liquor Shops

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September 28, 2016


Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Government has decided not to close down 10 per cent of liquor shops in the state every year. The previous UDF government had announced such a policy following a tiff between the two rival groups in the Congress party which took pro and anti-stances towards the liquor bar owners in Kerala who profited from the trade.

The UDF government had closed down 52 liquor shops owned by public sector agencies on October 2 last year in tune with its decision to close down bars as part of phase by phase introduction of prohibition in the state.

The present government was supposed to close down 39 government-run liquor shops on gandhi Jayanthi day on October 2 this year too. The decision to do away with the former government’s policy on liquor shops has come as a relief to the common people who cannot afford going to the 5-star hotels where liquor is served without any restrictions.