Kerala Startup Secures US Angel Investment Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Fokuz, a video-conferencing platform developed by Kochi-based Skyislimit Technologies, has secured foreign investment amid the economic crisis unleashed by Covid-19 pandemic. A US-based healthcare and manufacture company will infuse $2 million in Fokuz video conferencing app as angel investment, according to a statement issued by Skyislimit.

“As a Kerala start-up company, I think it is a great achievement that we are able to secure foreign investment in the current scenario. I am a little bit proud of it,” says Manodh Mohan, the Founder and CEO of Skyislimit Technologies Private limited.

“Malayali entrepreneurs are far ahead in developing innovative concepts and solutions. But the roadblocks before them come when they are about to secure next stage investment. That makes most of the entrepreneurs disappointing. In such a backdrop this investment is a fillip to Fokuz to achieve great heights. We have plans to utilise the new investment to strengthen areas such as Research and Development (R&D), Support and Business Development. Through this we will also create more job opportunities in the state,” he adds.

Fokuz is an innovative yet customised, and flexible video conferencing app which helps businesses in enabling the remote working model in a hassle-free manner. As the Covid-19 pandemic pushed companies into remote working model by the end of March, the demand for this kind of a video-conferencing platform has been on the rise. Responding to such a genuine issue, the Skyislimit team under Manodh Mohan developed the Fokuz app within a short span of five months. As an Indian-origin video-conferencing app, Fokuz assures more privacy and a secure experience for users. The team has turned the Covid crisis into opportunities. “We have realised the importance of video conference services in this pandemic age. And the development of Fokuz was based on that,” Manodh Mohan adds.

Fokuz app is available across Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and macOS computers.


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