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Kerala to Come Out With Souvenirs Bearing State’s Imprint for Tourists

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May 17, 2023

Soon, tourists coming to Kerala can take home exquisite souvenirs that resonate with the State’s art, culture, and enlivening nature when they return from here.

Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas will inaugurate the Responsible Tourism (RT) Mission’s initiative to create a chain of souvenir making units across the state, at a function at Kerala Arts & Crafts Village, Vellar here on May 18 (Thursday).

To start with, it has been planned to create 15 souvenirs that reflect Kerala’s history, culture, art, and geographical specialities. For this, a chain of craftspersons from across the State will be formed and they will be given special training to make attractive and handy souvenirs. It will be ensured that plastic is not used in any of these items.

With local community participation, the souvenir network open shops in prominent tourist destinations across the state for putting up for sale these artifacts. This initiative will also help generate jobs and income of local communities. The souvenirs will also be sold online through the website of RT Mission.

The craftspeople included in this network will ensure that they make artifacts that reflect the imprint of each district.