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Kerala’s First Freely Accessible GPU Launched at Generative AI Conference

In Education
November 25, 2023

The FURTHER 2023 – Generative AI Conference, held at TinkerSpace here on Saturday, has crossed a new milestone in the advancement of Kerala’s technology ecosystem by introducing the first free accessible Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), which helps local tech enthusiasts, students, and professionals exploring generative AI technologies.

This state-of-the-art system, equipped with the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture, features an impressive 20 GB of graphics memory, third-gen RT Cores, fourth-gen Tensor Cores, and next-gen CUDA cores. Despite its compact design, the RTX 4000 SFF can deliver exceptional performance in rendering AI, graphics, and computing workloads, catering to the needs of professionals across fields.

GPUs, initially developed for video game graphics, have now become vital in AI and machine learning research. Their capacity for efficiently processing large datasets and complex calculations is crucial in driving progress in fields such as natural language processing and image recognition.

“The availability of an easily accessible and powerful GPU for experimentation and learning is crucial for advancing Kerala’s ecosystem in advanced technologies,” said

Saneem Perinkadakkat, co-founder of ClusterDev, and President of TinkerHub’s board. This is a historic moment as the first free and publicly available GPU is presented to the community at TinkerSpace, he added.

Cyril Sebastian P, an AI Research Fellow at TinkerHub Foundation, noted “Free GPU access for students is a major step towards educational equality and technological democratisation. It equips the next generation to lead in AI research and development.”

The FURTHER conference’s commitment to providing public access to GPUs is a clear indication of Kerala’s dedication to nurturing innovation and practical learning.

This initiative supports technology enthusiasts and professionals and marks a new phase in hands-on learning and the application of advanced computing in Kerala’s evolving tech landscape.

The FURTHER 2023 conference witnessed an impressive gathering of over 150 artificial intelligence developers and enthusiasts including professionals, students and researchers along with members of the public.

The conference brought together an esteemed panel of speakers, featuring Abirami Sukumaran from Google, Prasanna Nair of The Idea Tribe, Alpan Raval of Wadhwani AI, along with experts from Xylem AI, Digital University Kerala, Central University of Kerala, Infosys, and more. These AI pioneers explored the latest advancements in generative AI, offering profound insights into the field’s future.