KFL Offers Big Price Discount for Cattle Feeds

The exhibition-cum-sale stall of Kerala Feeds Limited (KFL) at the maiden Kerala Dairy Expo 2020 at Kanakakunnu here has come up with substantial offers on its wide range of products for dairy farmers.

The public sector company offers attractive discount prices on cattle feed brands being sold through the exhibition stall No 63 at the fair. Dairy farmers, who buy 25 bags of cattle feeds, can get Rs 50 as discount for each bag. Those who intend to purchase 25 or more bags of cattle feed have to register by remitting an initial payment of Rs 1,000.

The offer covers KFL’s highly-nutritious products like Kerala Feeds Midukki/Elite/Dairy Rich Plus. KFL will directly deliver the products anywhere in Kerala.

Besides, Keram in organic mineral mixture is available at a discount price of Rs 10. The TMR blocks, made by converting straw into blocks and blending with nutrients, can be bought at a discount price of Rs 14 per piece from the stall.

KFL is also providing the feed for livestock brought to the expo from all parts of the state. The T-shirts for the volunteers at the expo are also sponsored by KFL. The four-day event, organised by state Dairy Development Department, will conclude on February 28.


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