KFL Seminar: Farmers Told to Factor in Climate Shift While Feeding Cattle

It is important to take into account factors like climate shift in formulating scientific feeding methods for the proper upkeep of cattle by dairy farmers, said experts at a seminar organised by Kerala Feeds Ltd (KFL) today .

The seminar-cum-study class, organised by KFL as part of farmers-contact programme at the Milk Co-operative Society at Kurampala, was led by Dr K S Anuraj, Assistant Manager (Quality Control), KFL. The farmers were briefed on the steps to be taken for protecting cattle from the effects of seasonal changes.

KFL had earlier issued an advisory on the measures to be taken by farmers in proper upkeep of cattle during the summer.The farmers who attended the seminar were distributed free samples of KFL’s Elite brand cattle feed.

Officials from the Block Dairy Development Department, Panthalam, were also present.


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