KFON to Boost Digital Kerala

In Technology Updates
June 03, 2023

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will be launching KFON to the state on June 5th, bolstering the internet boom in Kerala. Households, Commercial Institutions and Government offices across the state will have access to high-speed connectivity through the installation of strong fiber networks. As part of the initial phase of the project, KFON will offer internet services to 14,000 households that are financially backward and 30,000 government offices.

The Chief Minister of Kerala will be inaugurating the KFON project at R Sankaranarayanan Thampi Hall of the Legislative Assembly on June 5th, Monday at 4PM. During the occasion KFON Commercial Website and the KFON Mobile App will be launched by K.N. Venugopal, Minister of Finance and M.B. Rajesh, Minister of Excise, Local Self-Governments and Rural development respectively. K.Krishnankutty, Minister of Electricity will unveil the KFON modem.

During the launch, the Chief Minister will also interact with selected KFON subscribers from various background. A economically weaker household, residents of tribal hamlets at Panthaladikkunnu in Wayanad, school students, and a Government Institution are the beneficiaries CM going to interact virtually.

Based on the list submitted by the local self-governing bodies, the project will initially provide internet access to 100 houses in each legislative assembly constituency of the state. KFON has installed IT infrastructure capable of setting up 40 lakh internet connections across the state. Consumers can access internet services at a speed starting at 20 mbps and can avail connections of higher speed based on individual requirements.

Dr. Santhosh Babu IAS (Retd) Principle Secretary/Managing Director KSITL & KFON said that KFON is a milestone in Kerala’s digitalisation. “The primary objective of the project is to establish widespread, high-speed internet connectivity at an affordable rate, with the ultimate goal of providing internet access to all individuals and Government Institutions. The introduction of the K-FON project will propel Kerala’s internet revolution to unprecedented heights, fostering further advancements in the state. He also expressed his deep sense of privilege in being associated with an initiative that strives to ensure that every member of society is equipped to embrace the digital realm, effectively unifying the entire society in its pursuit of progress,” he added.

At present, KFON has been successfully installed in 26,492 government offices, of which 17,354 offices have live internet access. According to KFON officials, internet connectivity will be made available to all government offices by the end of June as per the provided list. As of now KFON has more than 1000 household subscribers and installation of cables for over 7000 connections has been completed.

On completion of the initial phase of the project by August 2023, the project will be expanded to setting up commercial connections. It is estimated that 2,50,000 commercial connections will be provided in the first year, which could facilitate the profitability of the project.