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KIMSHEALTH Donates to Kollam Resident the first Indigenous Myoelectric Limb in South India

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October 17, 2020

When 51-year-old Anil Kumar, a contractor with the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), got both his forearms badly charred in a high-voltage electrocution accident, doctors were left with little choice than amputating those vital limbs of the victim to ensure his survival.

Anil Kumar was electrocuted while working on an 11 KV electric line on January 21 this year, said Dr Lakshmi Nair, Consultant, Physical Medicine, KIMSHEALTH.

Soon after the accident, the victim was brought to KIMSHEALTH, where doctors had the immediate task of ensuring his survival. Tragically, both his forearms, just below the elbow, had to be amputated.

The contractor, who hailed from Kollam, did survive but he went into despair after the traumatic incident that happened nine months ago.

His world changed and all of a sudden Anil Kumar became dependent on his wife even for the basic necessities of life. With two girls to bring up and wife stuck at home caring for him, life became a big question mark for him. That’s when KIMSHEALTH came into picture with a helping hand offering him the world-class myoelectric hand that too completely free of cost through its CSR fund. It was also the first instance of an Indian-made myoelectric limb being provided to a patient in South India, she said.

The myoelectric limb, which would cost around Rs 8 to Rs 10 lakhs in the open market is usually beyond what a common man can dream of in India. KIMSHEALTH Inali Limb Foundation is providing the Indian-made version of the electric and myoelectric limb at very affordable rates ranging from Rs 25000 to Rs 1 lakh.

Myoelectric limb works with the help of sensors which use electric signals from the muscles to control hand movements. These limbs provide graded and well-controlled opening and closing hand movements. The patients need to be trained for using the limbs, which is again offered free under the guidance of experts.

While one of the limbs given to Anil Kumar is sensor-controlled, the other is managed with switches attached to it, she added.

KIMSHEALTH Jaipur foot Centre, which is a charitable organisation run by KIMSHEALTH, has already distributed over 400 artificial limbs. KIMSHEALTH not only provides the limbs but also does the maintenance and training free of cost. Even the Specialist doctor’s consultations are free.