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KIMSHEALTH Honours Ambulance Drivers on World Trauma Day

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October 19, 2021

Marking the World Trauma Day, KIMSHEALTH today felicitated ambulance drivers for the selfless and committed service they render during emergency situations.

More than 50 ambulance drivers from the capital city participated in the programme called ‘Heroes on Wheels’, held at KIMSHEALTHhere.

Police Headquarters Special Cell SP B Krishnakumar inaugurated the programme and also flagged off the ambulance rally held on the occasion.

Speaking at the function, Krishnakumar said more than a job, ambulance drivers are doing a dedicated social service by saving lives and rushing to hospitals people who need emergency medical care. He lauded KIMSHEALTH for hosting an event to felicitate ambulance drivers on World Trauma Day.

“Saving the life of a person is the biggest virtuous act. Ambulance drivers perform as important a role as that of the doctors in saving lives in emergency situations. An ordinary driver can’t easily become a good ambulance driver since the job demands utmost agility along with strenuous effort,” Krishnakumar noted.

Dr M I Sahadulla, Chairman and Managing Director, KIMSHEALTH, who presided over the function, said ambulance drivers have to be trained in promptly acting in critical conditions which is vital for saving lives, besides imparting thorough training in driving an ambulance.

“KIMSHEALTH is providing free training called Emergency Life Support System For rescue operations in emergency situations. Ambulance drivers should avail themselves of this training by realizing the vital role they play,” Dr Sahadulla added.

E.M. Najeeb, Executive Director, KIMSHEALTH, said the felicitation meet of ambulance drivers is meant to acknowledge their dedicated service and this would be an inspiration and encouragement for them. Considering the expertise and dedication required by their profession, they should be designated as ‘Ambulance Pilots’ or ‘Ambulance Rescue Operators’.

In his felicitation address, Dr Shameem KU, Coordinator, Emergency Medicine, KIMSHEALTH, said the ambulance drivers play a crucial role by accomplishing the task of rushing the patient to hospital in the first one-hour of medical emergency, known in medical parlance as the Golden Hour’.

State Ambulance Owners and Drivers Association Treasurer Shajudheen, E Iqbal, Dr PM Zuhara, Dr PM Saffia, Jerry Philip and Dr Muhammed Nazeer were also present.