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Kitchen Stories Launched in Kochi

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August 14, 2023

Kitchen Stories (from the House of Electronics Mart India Limited), a leading built-in appliances and modular kitchens solutions brand has unveiled its sixth experience store in Kochi.

The brand brings its unique expertise in world-class built-in appliances and German Made modular kitchens to Kochi. Buoyed by the success of its five experience centre in Hyderabad, Delhi & Visakhapatnam, the company will deepen its new journey in Kochi to serve more customers with its unique offerings. 

The store was launched by Kanupriya Mal (Director, Kanu Kitchen Kulture) and Nisha Cyril (Architect). The store was launched with much fanfare with several leading architects, nterior designers, media and customers in attendance. Spread over 4600 sq ft, the experience centre is located at Door No: 46/2844, 2845 & 2846, Adjacent to The Holiday Inn, NH Bypass Service Road, Chakkaraparambu.

Speaking on the launch, Rohit Tharakan (Category Head, Kitchen Stories, Electronics Mart India Limited) said, “We are happy to announce the launch of our sixth experience store, to deliver a top-tier experience to luxury connoisseurs in Kochi. We’ve seen a strong appetite here for luxury built-in appliances and modular kitchens. Kitchen Stories has built a deep understanding of its target consumer segment. We are significantly investing and scaling up our capabilities in this space. This new centre will be an important contributor to our company’s growth”.

Kitchen Stories Kochi store have been exclusively designed keeping in mind consumer preferences and are manned by well-experienced sales consultants. The ambience displays a welcoming vibe that invites the consumers to walk in and spend time. The store will be open on all days.