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Kochi Infopark’s IT Exports Grow by Rs 1000 Crores During Pandemic

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July 08, 2021

Despite adverse conditions across the globe due to Covid 19 the total IT exports from the government-run Infopark, Kochi grew by more than Rs 1000 Crores.
The export from IT companies operating here increased to Rs 6310 crore. It was Rs 5200 crore during the previous year. This marked an increase of Rs 1,110 Crores as per the figures on December 2020. At present 415 companies are operating at various campuses inside Infopark.

More than 40 companies have started operations in the park during the pandemic. Many companies are also waiting in line. Although 18 companies either downsized their workforce or ceased operations, more companies found Infopark a great IT destination to set up operations during the pandemic. Further infrastructure developments are also progressing in a fast phase at Infopark. More than six lakh square feet of new IT space will be made available by the end of this year.

“Though Covid 19 has been a challenge, it has opened up new doors of opportunities and adaptations in the field of technology. Many IT employees who have been working outside are increasingly returning to Kerala. They see Kerala as a safe working place in the changed scenario and want to work here.
IT companies in Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai have expressed interest in expanding their operations to Kerala to accommodate this workforce. This will give a new impetus to IT parks across Kerala including Infopark,” said Infopark CEO John M. Thomas.

Infopark had organised a mass Covid vaccination drive for IT employees and their families to ensure a safe working environment during the Covid. Vaccination camps were also held by various companies. With this, almost all the employees who attend offices at Infopark have received the first jab of the Covid vaccine. IT companies are working with a limited number of employees at their offices and rest on a temporary Work From Home mode.