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Kochi Startup Sets new Standards in the Edutech field

In Business
October 17, 2021

A Kochi-based edutech startup is turning heads around the world as it has beaten giant players like Microsoft, Webex and Google to get the approval of Dubai Government to provide online tutoring to the school students. TutorComp, based in Kochi Infopark, has secured a high-value contract from Dubai Government and successfully launched online tutoring in the country. The company is progressing to onboard 192 schools in the UAE to provide online classes for them. Full-fledged operations with a successful pilot project began in the UAE in May and the company is set to take more than 200,000 students onboard.

TutorComp brings under one roof various activities like conducting exams, grading homework, viewing recordings, teaching 15+ computer languages and communicating worldwide effectively. It provides an inclusive model of education tailored for students with different levels of learning ability.

With nearly a decade of experience in the Edutech field, TutorComp provides personalized online tutoring to students from more than 22 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East and the Asian belt. With the strength of more than 500 qualified educators from eight countries, TutorComp provides one-to-one classes to students following diverse syllabi including International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE – Cambridge & Edexcel, GCSE, national curriculums of US and Australia, SABIS apart from CBSE and ICSE. Westbourne School, one of the oldest IB schools in the UK has its collaborations with TutorComp.

Shery S Kurian, founder of TutorComp, said that what enabled the startup to be preferred by the Dubai government, which commands stringent laws for online learning and multi-programme media platforms, was the Whiteboard they developed on their own to assist students and tutors. Moreover, TutorComp signed an agreement with Emircom, the ICT and telecom network in Saudi Arabia. The company is set to sign up several universities, business schools, colleges and schools across the Middle East belt.

“We could leverage the disruption caused by the pandemic to support institutions in providing dynamic online learning through advanced and exclusive learning tools. We registered a 200%+ growth, riding the wave of accelerated shift to online learning due to the pandemic. TutorComp whiteboard, which is our USP, sports a slew of modern and handy features including Voice Assist to answer queries, video conferencing and a suite of mathematical and geometric tools. The whiteboard’s smartness and our intricate detail to quality teaching and learning has enabled us to boost our business in the UAE, which was a major milestone,” said Kurian, who is an MBA graduate.

TutorComp has pioneered a unique model of empowering educators as an integral element of the learning process with tutors becoming financially independent. Besides India, there are tutors from the US, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria, Jordan, Malaysia etc. Working up to seven hours a day, their tutors earn between ₹20,000 to ₹80,000.

“We have started the process to hire 1000 more qualified educators as part of the expansion and each of them has to undergo a rigorous training programme. We aim to expand our presence in the GCC as the technology-based education is of high demand everywhere,” Kurian said.