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Kochi’s Colorful Gesture for Autism Awareness Day

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April 02, 2024

The large white canvas, transformed into a vibrant tapestry of colored handprints, served as a powerful visual representation of unity and understanding for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The heartfelt event occurred in Forum mall, Kochi commemorating World Autism Day where common people inspired by the call for support, eagerly participated in this meaningful gesture, contributing to the awareness-raising efforts of Prayatna Centre for Child Development.

Inspired by this year’s theme for the World Autism Awareness Day 2024, ‘color’, Prayatna, a leading child development centre in Kochi, providing evidence-based, result-oriented therapies for children with developmental and learning disabilities aimed to symbolize the diversity and dynamism of individuals on the autism spectrum.

“We are happy to have hosted this vibrant event to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder. By coming together as a community and celebrating diversity through color, we hope to foster a more inclusive and understanding society,’ said Dr. Joseph Sunny, CEO and Founder of Prayatna Centre.

In addition to the handprint display, the event featured the distribution of informative pamphlets on autism awareness, providing valuable insights and resources for those seeking to learn more about the condition.

“I think events like this do more than just create empathy and understanding towards the Autism Spectrum Disorder community. They also raise awareness about the community that needs to be remembered and held close to us’, said Aneena who shared her hand print in solidarity with the event.