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Kotak Spreads Awareness on Safe Banking Practices

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December 05, 2022

Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (“KMBL”/Kotak) announced that it is running an intensive awareness drive on Safe Banking Practices and Grievance Redress.

The month-long initiative is part of the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBIs) Intensive Awareness Program 2022 to create awareness on Safe Banking Practices as well as Grievance Redress in rural and remote locations across the country.

The Bank organized on ground activations in the form of Awareness Workshops and Seminars to engage with customers, in various states across the country. Additionally, the Bank leveraged all its customer touch points, both physical as well as digital via emails, social posts, website, ATM screen etc. to carry the message of Safe Banking Practices, far and wide.

The Bank also educated participants on frauds such as Juice Jacking, Card Skimming, Phishing, Vishing, and Lottery schemes.

Growth in Digital Payments and Need for Awareness Campaigns:

  1. As per RBI data, over 26 crore digital payment transactions are processed daily by its payment systems, of which Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system itself processes more than two-thirds.
  2. RBI’s Payments Vision 2025 document has identified Core Theme – “E-Payments for Everyone, Everywhere, Everytime (4 Es)” with the Vision – Provide every user with Safe, Secure, Fast, Convenient, Accessible, and Affordable e-payment options (6 Attributes)

“The nation is witnessing the rise in volume of digital payments. Interestingly, this is also popular and favored by those residing in rural and remote locations. In view of this, it is imperative to educate the masses on Safe Banking Practices, Do’s as well as Don’ts. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to the RBI’s initiative on Customer Awareness and do our bit towards helping RBI realize its Payments Vision 2025,” said Mr Virat Diwanji, Group President and Head – Consumer Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. “This campaign is in addition to the customer awareness programs undertaken by Kotak on an ongoing basis, as a responsible corporate citizen.”

Some of the Safe Banking Practices advised by RBI:

  1. Check the spellings of websites/URLs being accessed to avoid fraudulent, fake and look-alike websites similar to banks or e-commerce platforms.
  2. Be careful while buying/selling products online. To receive money through UPI, there is no need to enter PIN/password.
  3. Before transacting with any company, verify if they are registered and licensed entity.


  1. Don’t share details of SIM card and mobile number or write PIN on ATM card or save details on websites/devices/public laptops/desktops.
  2. Don’t get trapped by offers from persons posing as call center agents from banks, insurance, government etc. and don’t get pressurized/tricked into sharing user name, password, card details/PIN/CVV/OTP, date of birth, Aadhaar number, names of family members, etc.
  3. Don’t search for contact details of service providers from search engines, SMS, social media, emails, etc.